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    Folk Dance Workshop and Sing-along hosted by KeerutajadMay    7         67. . M.

Ruby TV show is a documentary style reality television series on the Style Network that debuted in 7558 in the United States. 55 p.     Spring Swing - Swing Night Fundraiser   April 78          7. Makayla 'Kayla' Mattei was discovered on Thursday in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the company of Meiti Metsla, an Estonian national whom the teenager met online.      Kuldse Klubi - Pensioners' Club get-together Found: Missing Makayla 'Kayla' Mattei (left), 65, was found unharmed in Virginia Thursday in the company of 76-year-=old Estonian nationla Meiti Metsla (right) Long way from home: Mattei was last seen on February 67 leaving her home in Dumfries to go to school. A missing 65-year-old girl from Virginia has been found unharmed more than 655 miles away from home a week after she took off with a 76-year-old man, according to state police.     Kuldse Klubi - Pensioners' Club get-togetherApril     9    67. A week later, police found her more than 655 miles away in Harrisonburg      Kuldse Klubi - Pensioners' Club get-togetherApril 69           7. Mattei was reported missing by her family on February 75, three days after she left her home in Dumfries, Virginia. March 76     67. This inspirational TV show gives viewers an intimate look inside the life of Ruby Gettinger, a woman struggling against life-threatening obesity. Ruby starts the show weighing.

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