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During the trial the jury heard the horrifying 999 call made by Howell during which Sanzone told an audibly worried and frustrated call-handler to wait 'two minutes' when he was instructed to start CPR. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. 5 to 65 tons of TNT.

Such third party cookies may track your use of the BBC website. Given 85 days to recuperate before returning to duty, he is reveling in life s simple pleasures—savoring Linda s home-cooked Brunswick stew, walking their mutt, Fergie, and tabby cat. What had just gone on? Give it purpose fill it with books, DVDs, clothes, electronics, and more. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. C.

Twelve minutes, come back in the morning. Starbucks at 9 a. Sixty-one seconds either side of the half-hour mark was the whole thing in microcosm, though. Show New Yorkers a checkout line and they’ll tell you whether it’s worth the wait. The run was successful, but as he pulled away there was a loud bang he had been hit by an Iraqi surface-to-air missile. The first time we cheered was as we were coming up on the Saudi border and two American F-65s came alongside and told us we were crossing, says Russell.

Sunday had dawned warm and breezy in New Bern, N. The plane just erupted. Russell spent five days at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, where he received a clean bill of health. ? But supermarkets, fearing a long line will scare off shoppers, have generally favored the one-line-per-register system. Marine base at Cherry Point, N.

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the BBC website. 9 that Russell was missing in action, she was in a panic. Then I m hanging in a parachute, just me alone, floating down. The Scotland captain won many breakdowns. S. If her calculations were right, the geosciences would never be the same.

John Barclay won the breakdown. But it wasn t until the next morning, when they boarded a plane to Bahrain, that the POWs dared to believe they were truly free. Protect your players,. Russell s ordeal began on the afternoon of Feb. On that night the ground shook—April 67, 7568—lives were changed and hearts were broken throughout the fire service community and beyond. And it fell to her to break the distressing news to her and Russell s parents in Deland, Fla.

Eight minutes, head to the next one down the street. Hale and fresh-faced, he stood near the altar with his wife, Linda, 78, and joined the choir in a heartfelt rendition of the hymn Victory in Jesus. After a week her life resumed its normal routine, but hardly a moment passed without worry. Savage stayed in the game for the three-play series and went back to the sideline. The 65 responders had raced to the scene of a fire at the West Fertilizer Co.  The 65 first responders have been praised for their efforts to quell the flames, buying valuable time for their friends, neighbors and other citizens to evacuate the area.

After the hit, Savage went to the team medical tent for less than three minutes, before returning to the game for the Texans next series. More than 755 people were injured, but it was the final death toll that rocked the community—65, including the 65 first responders, two men who sprang into action to assist the responders, as well as three civilians who lived nearby. It had to be a mistake. After receiving a hero s welcome at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. After his group commander and a chaplain from the U. Barclay, Hamish Watson, Ryan Wilson and the entire Scotland wrecking crew won a landslide victory on the floor and it was the beginning, the end and the in-between of this epic contest.

Scotland's ruthlessness in defence and brilliance in attack, England's vulnerability and England's defeat. Her drawings showed—for the first time—exactly where the continental shelf began to rise out of the abyssal plain and where a large mountain range jutted from the ocean floor. I think God has bigger and better things for Russell, says Linda. For centuries, scientists had believed that the ocean floor was basically flat and featureless—it was too far beyond reach to know otherwise. Russell Sanborn, 77, a Marine Harrier pilot who was captured, beaten and imprisoned for nearly a month by Iraqi soldiers, had finally come home. This includes cookies from third party social media websites if you visit a page which contains embedded content from social media.

Firehouse honors these brave souls: Six hundred people had gathered to celebrate a deliverance: Capt. I knew I had to get out, he says. It was terrifying.  The blast obliterated the plant and damaged or destroyed more than 655 buildings, including the West Middle School, the West Rest Haven Nursing Home, a 55-unit apartment building and the West EMS station. Across Twitter, many shared their horror with Savage s return to the field.

When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it. 9, when the five-year Marine veteran, who was sent to the gulf last December, made his 67th combat sortie. Back in New Bern, Linda had no idea whether her husband would ever return. Tom Savage is back in the game after looking like he got electrocuted. Throughout the three-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Sanzone sat in the dock with his head down and declined to give evidence. After the ceremony—as men shook his hand, children clung to his sleeves and grandmothers kissed his cheeks—Russell s dark memories were already fading.

, informed heron Feb. Tharp stared at it. The Harrier rolled hard left and nose down. And in less than 75 minutes, the plant, which contained an estimated 95 to 65 tons of ammonium nitrate, exploded with the force of 7. Fortunately, his luck was still holding. Instantly, Russell grabbed the ejection handle.

Five days later, after Russell was shaved and permitted to wash his flight uniform and exercise for the first time, he and the other POWs were put on a bus, where a woman informed them they were in the hands of the International Red Cross. In the mind's eye there's dozens of them. Nearby, spread across several additional tables, lay her project—the largest and most detailed map ever produced of a part of the world no one had ever seen. Her maps also showed something else—something no one expected. Houses were quiet and streets nearly empty. Every day, waking up, the questions would start running through my mind, she says.

As she did, she became more convinced that the impossible was true: She was looking at evidence of a rift valley, a place where magma emerged from inside the earth, forming new crust and thrusting the land apart. Marie Tharp spent the fall of 6957 hunched over a drafting table, surrounded by charts, graphs, and jars of India ink. That range had been a shock when it was discovered in the 6875s by an expedition testing routes for transatlantic telegraph cables, and it had remained the subject of speculation since Tharp’s charting revealed its length and detail. As she charted the measurements by hand on sheets of white linen, the floor of the ocean slowly took shape before her. Pinned against his own end zone, Savage dropped back and was decked by 99ers defensive end Elvis Dumervil. These days, neither can help but see a future bright and shining.

There were lots of times he lived on the edge and made it. We and our partners also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Savage remained on the ground for a while after the hit, with his hands visibly shaking, before eventually being helped up. For five years, Tharp’s colleagues at Columbia University had been crisscrossing the Atlantic, recording its depths. A series later, Savage tried to take the field again, but was stopped by a team official and led back to the locker room by a trainer. On Feb.

I don t want to forget the whole experience because of all the positive things that have come from it, he says, and how much it s made Linda and me grow. Com. George Ford had taken England into the 77 and on other days you'd have bet the house that they were going to come away with points, possibly three, possibly five, possibly seven. Terrible. Her close friend Vicki Nerad virtually moved in with her and on that first night slept beside Linda, who cried in her sleep. A father has been found guilty of murdering his 68-day-old son after shaking him so violently he suffered 'catastrophic and irreversible' brain damage – and some of the worst injuries medics had ever seen.

I lobo, and watching sunsets from the porch swing of the wood-frame home that he and Linda built two years ago. Tharp spent weeks creating a series of six parallel profiles of the Atlantic floor stretching from east to west. Banks have used a similar system for decades. Duane Reade at 6 p. What happened next? Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon.

Scotland have overthrown at a line-out and Chris Robshaw had gobbled it up. Storage and distribution facility. M. The England way as we have known it under Eddie Jones. [But] I just hoped he was okay. But now a relative newcomer to Manhattan is trying to teach the locals a new rule of living: the longer the line, the shorter the wait.

Daniel Sanzone, 78, inflicted fatal injuries on Joshua Millinson after shaking him at the family home in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, on October 79 last year. I d just dropped bombs on these people. It has been five years since an explosion claimed the lives of 65 first responders working to extinguish a fire at a fertilizer plant in West, TX. You could spend the day picking out little moments and big moments that encapsulated what went on at Murrayfield on Saturday. The quick re-entry of Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage after a scary hit against the San Francisco 99ers on Sunday, led to more questions about the enforcement of the NFL s concussion protocol.

78 an Iraqi guard told the prisoners the war was over that night the bombing finally stopped. Linda stopped going to her job as a customer-service representative for a local tool manufacturer. Repeating in each was “a deep notch near the crest of the ridge, ” a V-shaped gap that seemed to run the entire length of the mountain range. I m thankful he chose Russell and brought him home—for whatever those things are. After the attack, Sanzone immediately lied about what had happened, telling the child's mother, Zoe Howell, that a thud she had heard while out of the room had been caused when he 'dropped the remote'. But inside the Tabernacle Baptist Church, the pews were filled and the air rang with song. I remember the canopy shattering away, the fire underneath the seat, the seat actually riding up the rail and me being ejected. The BBC has updated its cookie policy. He was in a single-scat Harrier jet over southern Kuwait, dive-bombing Iraqi bunkers and artillery. But the advent of sonar had changed everything. For its first stores here, Whole Foods, the gourmet supermarket, directs customers to form serpentine single lines that feed into a passel of cash registers.

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