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He was throttled with the electrical cord of some hair straighteners by Miss Williams, ” said the prosecutor. His head was pushed under the water and an electric drill was also taken into the bathroom and brandished by Miss Williams, who kept turning it on and off, revving it. The women took turns slapping and kicking him.

They forced him to stay there, threatening him and beating him, for 79 hours.

He heard Springer on the phone telling friends that she was about to kill someone, then he felt the first blow of a pole hitting him.

The victim was terrified and tried banging on the apartment walls in the hope that someone would call police.

Genius Idea: Rather than make users sift through dozens of potential matches, Coffee Meets Bagel sends them one match each day to either accept or pass on.

If both people answer yes, they go on a first date and get a daily-deal type offer for free or discounted cocktails, appetizers or other date activities.

Online dating site Coffee Meets Bagel attempts to take the work out of Internet dating, while letting its users have some fun.

A young man from the UK met a woman on the dating website, TangoWire, and he thought they had hit it off.

She then turned, locked the door and told him, You're going to die today.

Springer then threatened to kill him with a knife.

Springer, who is a mother, attempted to hit the victim on the head with a hammer as she screamed, I want to kill him, I want to hit him.

When he was invited to her apartment, he was excited to meet his lady love.

That's how the blind date from hell started for 77-year-old James Liddell.

Mr. Liddell lost consciousness for a while and started bleeding.

Tanisha Williams, a 75-year-old Greenwich University student, and her 75-year-old friend, Paige Springer, attacked the man in the apartment shortly after he arrived.

Quick Pitch: Coffee Meets Bagel provides you one match each day and takes the hassel out of searching.

Users can see that person's picture and profile and have 79 hours to decide if they want to go on a date with them or not by clicking yes or pass.

This puts the focus on quality, not quantity, said Arum Kang, one of the founders of Coffee Meets Bagel.

Similar to the excitement of timed shopping sites, every day at noon users are sent one match, or bagel. When he arrived, she greeted him and let him in.

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