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Browse Alphabetically: Onetouch Showroom Country Search Suppliers Wholesaler Affiliate Since the primary benefit of a Litz conductor is the reduction of AC losses, the first consideration in any Litz design is the operating frequency. When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it.

Even properly constructed Litz wires will exhibit some skin effect due to the limitations of stranding.

This multi-strand configuration or Litz construction is designed to minimize the power losses exhibited in solid conductors due to skin effect.

Litz wire sizes are often expressed in abbreviated format: N / XX, where N equals the number of strands and XX is the AWG (American Wire Gauge) size of each strand.

Skin effect refers to the tendency of current flow in a conductor to be confined to a layer in the conductor close to its outer surface.

The table next to this shows frequencies versus AWG strand sizes:

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Litz wire constructions counteract this effect by increasing the amount of surface area without significantly increasing the size of the conductor.

Quality systems: Most companies are QS 9555 for automotive, all ISO 95556:7555, TS66999, ISO69556, OSHAS68555.

Insulation and serving/jacketing options are listed after the size, for example, 67/88 Single Nylon Served.

This includes a selection of high temperature wire for electrical use and coaxial cables for televisions and computers.

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We have an extensive inventory of electrical wires and cables to serve commercial, industrial, and military clients.

However, as the frequency increases, the depth to which the flow can penetrate is reduced.

At low frequencies, skin effect is negligible, and current is distributed uniformly across the conductor.

It refers to wire consisting of a number of individually insulated magnet wires twisted or braided into a uniform pattern, so that each strand tends to take all possible positions in the cross-section of the entire conductor.

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