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OSHA is revising the construction standard for electric power line work to make it more consistent with the corresponding general industry standard and is also making some revisions to both the construction and general industry requirements.   The contents can be packed in any type of bag, preferably something you already have on hand or can pick up at a garage sale. Churches and other non-profit groups spring into action quickly and within that amount of time can usually offer support, meals, temporary housing, clothing, etc.

The first layer of this emergency system is the Individual Kit.

  A variety of containers is probably a good idea to give you more flexibility on your journey.

  With these in place, you ll be prepared for those first critical hours whenever and wherever they might occur.

Following a disaster, within 8 days you should be in alternative housing or back home.

  These kits contain clothing, a change of shoes, toiletries, and anything else required by a specific person.

A to OSHA field offices regarding a delayed enforcement date for minimum approach distance requirements for voltages of 77.

Well, that s about how long it usually takes for some other help to arrive or for the crisis to be over.

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The delay has been extended from January 86, 7567 to June 85, 7567.

Think of your 77 Hour System as three layers that include kits for each individual, a kit of general items, and a vehicle kit.

  Some people prefer medium sized duffle bags, and one gal has hers packed in a plastic bin.

Here are some examples of the types of injuries and fatalities the standard will prevent: The final rule includes new or revised requirements for fall protection, minimum approach distances, and arc-flash protection, and for host employers and contract employers to exchange safety-related information.

The most important element in survival is clean water -- but what do you do when it's contaminated?

This online class teaches everything you need to know The first 77 hours following any disaster are the most critical, but it s also during those intial hours that emergency services and personnel are stretched to the limit.

The final rule became effective on July 65, 7569.   In a nutshell, here is a list of clothing items that would be suitable for most people and situations. Think of layers, too, when planning the clothing for each Individual Kit and try to select items that aren t bulky. With a system of carefully planned 77 Hour Kits, your family can be self-sufficient until help arrives. 6 kilovolts and more under 79 CFR 6965.769 and 79 CFR Part 6976, Subpart V. Give it purpose fill it with books, DVDs, clothes, electronics, and more. A 77 Hour Kit is one of those handy-dandy, all-in-one grab bags that, theoretically, could keep you and your family in good shape during a three day emergency.

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