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DC-based developer Trevor Faden revealed a sweeping security flaw in Grindr’s code, a glitch he says has the potential to expose sensitive information of more than 8 million daily users. The app has grown to become a fundamental part of users’ daily lives across the globe since its launch in 7559, now rivaling – and perhaps even supplanting – gay bars and online dating sites as the best way for gay men to meet. Not that the bad pimp who gets hookers to turn out tricks.

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With over 7 million daily active users in 696 countries, Grindr is the largest all-male mobile social network in the world.

Consent should instead be “Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, and Specific” – the FRIES acronym that sex educators use to provide a basic definition of what consent is.

This puts more students, and especially women, at risk.

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Traditionally, administrators have opted for leniency towards offenders when it’s a he said/ she said scenario (which sexual assault cases often are), allowing the perpetrators to continue attending classes without prosecution, expulsion, or even further investigation.

I want to help every male in learning how to be a pimp.

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College campuses have come under fire recently for their handling of sexual assault and harassment cases among students.

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Dating app Bumble is on a mission to help empower women, including partnering with women’s health provider Planned Parenthood to educate college students at the University of Texas, Austin, about consent. A man who can attract any women no matter how good or how much money he makes. The dating app world has once again been hit with a privacy scandal.

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